I would say that my personal philosophy of leadership is still the same, that it is centered around bringing God glory, serving others, standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves and to transform lives. The reason that the base of my philosophy did not change is because it is deeply rooted on a strong foundation of my faith in Jesus Christ. I sure did add experience and more “tools to my tool belt”, but that did not change my overall personal philosophy.

I never want to stop challenging myself, I desire to always grow and move forward. This was another step up the ladder of leadership. You can never be perfectly ready for the places that you jump outside your comfort zone, even when you prepare. You just have to trust God at all times. Even if I get nervous about doing something challenging, I still want to push myself and rely on my Heavenly Father.

Reaching people of different cultures and religious beliefs was a new thing for me. I believe this experience and project has helped me to better serve people overall. The bible says, “do not get weary of doing good” and I hope that I can continue to “do good” in the world. Jesus definitely embraced different cultures throughout his ministry. For example, the Jewish people and the Samaritans hated each other, but Jesus was not Afraid to cross that line of cultures. I want to add an emphasis of listening and learning to the forefront of my leadership. The bible also states to be “quick to listen and slow to speak” and I feel like that is the absolute best way to take when working with people of cultures to which you aren’t as knowledgeable in. You must reach people where they are at.

I believe Jesus was the best transformational leader as he changed so many lives, but He had a clear vision of what he was purposed to do. I believe everyone has a calling and with that I want to continue to seek God on my calling and where he wants me to go in life. Jesus empowered and inspired people to follow the vision of loving the Lord with all their heart, and I believe as I continue to make strides in my leadership abilities, I call upon the Holy Spirit to help me bring others to God in an encouraging way.



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