LDR402 Feedback

         From the beginning to the end, I thought the LRD402 process was structured very well. It was clear that this is the last portion in completing your Leadership Minor for CMU.  This course is uniquely set up to give the student freedom to study a topic of interest, in a way that best suits the individual. I believe that because we get to choose what our project is about, how it’s done, what it looks like and the ways we want to correlate it with our own specific leadership preferences, it creates the best environment to foster large amounts of growth. I know that it did that for me. As we also have the freedom to choose our advisor, we are able to work with someone who we feel best suits our personality, learning styles, career goals and other important areas. It is a known fact that in college you sometimes are forced to take classes with professors that are not so great. A professor can make or break your ability to learn that material, your grade and your attitude about the  course. Same goes with work, that a bad boss or corrupt, negative  leadership can really affect your growth, how comfortable you are in that environment and overall your experience. I believe the way LDR402 is structured is done so strategically and I know that if you area student who wants to get something out of this course, you will! My only comment would be to explain the Exhibits in the guidelines. I was confused when not all of them were labeled. Besides that, the guidelines were well written and easy to follow. I thought that we had the perfect amount of contact with Dr. Brown, from the project approval meeting to sending her our goals and ideas, to the final submission. Lastly, I think that the project due date and the allowance for extended project dates is extremely important when it comes to a creative project like this. Especially for those taking the class for six credit hours. In projects where you work with organizations and other people, flexibility and adaptability are sometimes needed. If I wasn’t allowed the extension, I would not have sent two students to Israel for free, shared my story with all of the groups on my goal list or seen the interfaith event come to life. I thoroughly enjoyed this LDR402 process and I think that the major content should stay the same for years to come.





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