Pre-Trip journal

“Something you would like to encounter with God”


Deep Breath.

Pause and take this moment in.

I feel a heaviness inside that I can’t quite put into words right now.

All I can say about how I am feeling, is that it’s not a bad kind of heaviness.

I think that I can feel the weight of this blessing.

Or at least I am starting to.

This blessing is about to come to life.

I have received so many blessings from my Heavenly Father this past year.

It’s truly amazing!

I see his hand on my life.

Others do as well.

He has been showering me in favor and goodness as I give things up to him.

I’m not sure why I am still surprised each time he works or moves.

I should expect it by now, because I know he truly is a

Good, good father.

My heart feels his full, perfect love.

Nothing can separate me from this type of love.

Taking the time to be still before Him is what I needed to fill me up again.

I really needed this moment.

To renew my mind, my heart, my spirit, before Him.

This feeling has to be a foreshadowing of even more encounters to come.

Wow. I am so excited.


His Holy Land.

His chosen people.

I am sitting, quiet before the Lord.

I am still,


I am his daughter.

His princess.

Experiencing this Father’s presence lets any child feel perfect love.

He is Holy.


Oh, how desperately, how badly, I want to know him more.

To feel him more.

To understand him more.

To hear him more clearly.

To experience his presence each and every day.

To always take time to let him fill me up, so that I can overflow.

(With love.)

(Overflow onto others, to bring Him glory. To build to His kingdom. To love those who need it the most.)

To surrender everything to Him each and every day.

He is so worthy of ALL praise.

He deserves everything.

Every part of me.

I love Him with all that I am.

“Take everything. I don’t want it. I don’t need it.

Lord, take everything.

I just want you.”

“I won’t go back.

Can’t go back,

To the way it used to be.

Before your presence came and changed me.

All of my shame, guilt, sins,

They’ve been forgiven.

My past is over,

Right now is the moment.

And I have waited for this moment to come.

And I won’t let it pass me by.

I’ve been changed.

Healed. Freed. Delivered. I’ve found joy. Peace. Grace. And favor.”

“Thank you for being God.

You’re too big, for error.

You’re too wise, for mistake.

You are almighty God.

Perfect in all your ways.

You’re worthy. I’m grateful.

You’re worthy. I’m grateful.

Thank you for being God.


Deep breathes.

My heart is still very heavy.

It is absolutely full.

And I am grateful.

Dear God,

I pray in Jesus name, boldly, that this trip to Israel will change my life.

I want to encounter your Holy Spirit in ways I have never before.

I ask that you let me know exactly what you want me to hear.

I don’t really know right now what that is.

Except I can hear you saying, be present, live in this moment.

I was nervous, and you told me, ‘why worry’?

I don’t need to, because it is you who guides my steps and works through me.

I am only your vessel.

I pray that I soak up everything new on this trip, like a sponge.

I ask that the “after” of this trip will be one that brings others closer to you.

I pray blessings over that, when the time comes to share my story.

A new part of my testimony.


Your presence.

Walking where you son Jesus Christ walked.

Experiencing a modern miracle.

Witnessing that you hold true to your promises.

Feeling more of your love.

Thank you God!

I cannot wait.

Thank you.





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