Pre-Trip Passages homework

The Hope Israel Documentary:

The major themes I noticed were some of the incredible, inspiring Jewish individuals that God used to do huge things for his people and the establishment of the state of Israel after 2,000 years. God made an everlasting covenant, which he will hold forever. Despite the persecution of the Jewish people, they reclaimed the Holy Land. That was not an easy task, and if God were not on their side, they would have surely failed. I had no idea that once people started moving back to Israel, they spoke all kinds of different languages, and it would take a dedicated and hardworking man to establish the Hebrew language again, and write dictionaries, and commit to using it as the only form of communication. The United States also played a pretty big role in supporting Israel in the beginning. I loved that a women was allowed at that time to play such a big role in establishment of the state and of running it once the independence was gained. Golda Meir was someone I had never heard of, but I was very inspired by her. I was also a little bit surprised to find out the details about Churchill, when he avoided situations because he didn’t to act or help.

The Jews returning to the Promised Land is prophecy coming true. Dry bones that came to life. This fueled my passion to speak up to my Christian friends, bible studies, church and other Christ followers about how we need to love the Jewish people. We need to pray for them and appreciate them. We need to stand up for them. We need to learn about them. Their heritage is the heritage of all believers. Jesus Christ as Jewish himself! One day, Israel, The Jews and the Christian church will come together in the last days. I am very excited to learn more about the history of Israel and the Jewish people through this trip!




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