Spring Reflections

This spring I became very busy as I had to take on more hours at work. I worried how I would be able to get all of this project done. Then I spoke with Paige Long, who happened to be a PR/Event Management major! God is so funny and really worked this all out. I have to praise and thank him! Therefore I was able to share my vision for a night to honor Israel and bring Jewish and Christian students together in a fun way with her and get her on board. She was very excited and I decided that I could ask her to take over the planning process for the event. I had already worked out the details from food to Hillel contacts, but she took the idea even further that I thought about. She created a “Let’s Taco About Israel” night and it was a great success! They could foster conversation about Jewish-Christian relations and enjoy each other’s company.

As I am sometimes a perfectionist with my projects and like to control all details, how I plan them. This was a huge learning moment for me. I had to recognize that I was unable to fully pull off my dreamed up event and that it would be best to ask people for help. In the grander scheme of things, I needed this lesson. When I am out in the real world working on my career, I am positive that I will have to use help to compete projects. If someone like Paige is a better person for the role and even has more experience than I do, why wouldn’t you work with them, instead of all alone? I can be stubborn when it comes to giving up the reigns, but I know that when you have a lot of tasks, delegation is essential. I am confident I will add this to my leadership/life tool belt.

Holding an impactful event was one of my goals, and that was finally met! It took a lot of time, planning, scheduling and ultimately reaching out for help, but I am relieved and filled with joy to know that it happened. I know that Hillel has been really impressed with the Christians on campus reaching out and getting involved to support them, and it is a really heartwarming feeling that I started that ripple effect.

As I talk about Hillel being so impressed with our interest in Israel and Jewish-Christian unity, I will conclude this final reflection with my most exciting news of all!  During the end of the school year I was contacted with the question if I knew of any Christian students who would possibly be interested in going to Israel sponsored by *Hillel and *Passages. To hear those two organizations combined simply got my heart racing! Hillel had loved what Passages was doing and had been hearing about it through Paige and I, so they wanted to get involved. I found it to be amazing! Ziv, Hillel’s Israeli Advisor, contacted Passages and wanted to get one student from CMU involved through a quick acceptance and booked on a summer trip. I thought about the students that I had met with about the trip and Taylor Brown came to my head right away. She was passionate about God and really looking to take more “next steps” in her faith. Taylor is apart of the InterVarsity ministry, Black Campus Ministries, which is connected to Greek InterVarsity as well. She really wanted to go on the trip and even came with me to a few Hillel events.

My first and most important goal was now complete! Taylor was connected with Hillel and they moved her right into acceptance through Passages. Now she is scheduled to go to Israel July 17th! Leaders make connections, and I really feel that the connections I made through this journey were meant to be. I was determined to work hard and achieve all of my goals, and I did just that. I am thankful for the extended amount of time Dr. Brown gave me for this project and that I was able to impact lives through it, or at the very least Paige and Taylor’s.

*It is important to note that I did invest my large efforts into 3 students with the interest to go to Israel, but the last student will remain nameless and things did not work out for him. This does not intend to state they were not qualified for the trip, it just was not their time to go. God did not make a clear, easy path like He did for Paige and Taylor’s trips. There was a lot of prayer that went into the efforts for the third student as well. 


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