Life Goals! Ahh!! These are a few random life goals I have. I definitely have a
lot more, my bucket list is always being added to. One thing I never want to 
happen in life is run out of goals. If you don't have goals, you don't have
any purpose or thing to work towards. I believe in bettering yourself 
every day. Without goals, you can't do that. In high school, I had a 
very stubborn, narrow minded teacher. She never listened to others opinions and 
she was a very boring person. I hated being in her class and having her as a 
teacher, but she made a big impact on my life. She is one
of my examples of what I do not want to end up like in life. One time 
we had a guest speaker in her class, and we talked about our goals. 
The guest speaker asked my teacher if she had any goals, and she said 
"You know what? I don't have any goals. I'm pretty content with 
everything." I was shocked. As a teacher, how could you not have 
any goals?!? Yes, she was an older women, but even when I am old
and gray, I still want to have goals. At that moment I began to 
realize why she was so stubborn about things, she didn't have
any goals or new things to work towards! She didn't realize 
her class was boring, because she was perfectly content with 
being just average. I do NOT want to end up like that! I want
to better myself every day! There is always room for 

1.) Change someone’s life… Introduce people to Jesus

2.) Graduate college

3.) Run a marathon

4.) Travel the U.S. and travel the world

5.) Find love and marry my soulmate

6.) Have a family

7.) Work for a non-profit

8.) Help rebuild the city of Detroit (I can feel a comeback! Holla!)

9.) Live in multiple states (Peace out mitten state!)

10.) Go skydiving

11.) Go on to further schooling and get my Masters

12.) Think of more goals…Always have goals to shoot for


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