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The Alpha Leadership Experience



Alpha Leadership was a blast! Not only was it a blast, I got to develop my leadership skills through really cool activities. We did self assessments to figure out what our leadership styles were and learned how to effectively communicate and use those styles to our advantages. We had to step outside of our comfort zones (yaayy!). We got to meet really awesome new people! All together, I loved my six weeks of ALPHA! I learned that I am a considerate and spirited leader, and I need to work on further developing my direct and systematic skills.

“I believe a women that serves is a women that leads”

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Reflection Post:

Active Membership in Phi Sigma Sigma.

“OMG Mom! I joined a sorority!”… I never wanted to be one of those girls. I wasn’t really interested in Greek Life at all in the beginning of college. I had heard things, but I did not want to be classified as one of those princess, girly girl, “let’s go shopping, I love Lily Pulitzer!” kind of girls, that’s for sure. But, sure enough, I found myself going through the intense thing they call recruitment in 2014…

Flash forward to 2015..

And I am on Executive council of my sorority, or “aboard” as the members call it. I think that it’s crazy! Something I was so against, I ended up joining and absolutely loving. I think that the best part of my organization is that it’s
philanthropy goes hand in hand with my passions. Our philanthropy is School and College Readiness, which partners with 1.) Practice Makes Perfect and 2.)The Kids In Need Foundation

Practice Makes Perfect = Matches academically struggling elementary and middle school scholars with older, high achieving near-peer mentors from the same high-need communities.

Kids In Need Foundation =  Mission to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed by providing free school supplies nationally to students most in need.


Throughout my time thus far in Phi Sigma Sigma, I have served as many roles on 
Executive Council as well as Executive Board. Currently I hold the position as 
Scribe on eboard. The past semesters, I have held the positions of Diversity 
chair, Fundraising chair, Community Service chair, Leadership Development Chair, 
and Fall 2014 New Member Class Philanthropy chair on Executive Council. I have 
gained a lot of professional development through these positions, as well as 
personal growth.






Pschology…Where dreams come true…

Just kidding, but…

In my leadership psychology class, I learned many, many things. I learned that one of my LAS friends can swallow an entire water bottle in one gulp. I learned that another one could sing the part in Hakuna Matata, (“When I was a young warthog!!”) perfectly, the pitch was exactly on point to the movie Lion King. I learned that another one of my peers could interpretive dance, very well, and also that my psychology professor liked to interpretive dance as well! Especially to disney songs! I learned that my LAS cohort is crazy silly, and that if someone looses a bet to the game ‘chances are?’, they would actually carry out their punishment, like the time someone lost and carried an umbrella with them everywhere they went for the entire psychology class. I think that his fun attitude actually helped me learn. I mean yes, it could get out of hand sometimes and be somewhat distracting, but also in the other sense, I was usually pretty happy to go to psychology class. I mean Dr. Pruett is a saint, but actually, he is a really great, quirky, silly man. And besides that, psychology is a pretty interest topic. Learning how to apply leadership through understanding human behavior is very neat! And my class was fun, so it was just an all together win, win! The tests were a little challenging, and I had to write my first ever 15 page final exam paper, but beside that, it was overall a great experience! SO Hukuna Matata, No worries! In the jungle, the might jungle, the lion sleeps tonight! Under the sea, under the sea! When you wish upon a staarrr! Wandering free, wish I could be, part of that woorrrlllddd! Be our guest, be our guest! Let’s get dowwnn to business!

Okay, okay! Enough disney songs! But goodbye folks! Psych was fun! Peace.


NO, I did not FaceTime Obama…

BUT, President Ross Attended My Leadership Class

And President Ross Rocks!!!

Seriously though, he is the man!

So, I was extremely excited for the president of my university to come into my LDR100 class and personally meet each of us. The date was on my calendar and I was counting down the classes until he would come in to talk to us. The weekend before he was scheduled to come in, my great grandmother passed away, and I left Mt. Pleasant to go to Wisconsin. My great grandmother was an amazing lady and it was really hard to deal with in my family. I forgot about the whole President Ross deal when that stuff happened, but I had been keeping in contact with my roommates back at CMU, and they mentioned how excited they were. “Holy crap I am going to miss it!!” I thought, and I was really disappointed. But guess what? My roommates and LAS cohort is awesome! They knew it was important to me, and didn’t want me to miss it either, so they surprised me with a FaceTime right as the president was walking into my classroom. I was so happy! It was really cool to hear the president directly address us Leadership Advancement students and talk about our questions and concerns regarding CMU. He told us to

Take advantage of your resources here at Central”

“On occasion, rare opportunity will present itself”.

He spoke about always doing the right thing 

“And at the end of the day, it’s all about integrity.” 

I could not agree more with all he talked about. I found his story to be very inspiring and I think that he is an extremely smart, wise man. Definitely someone to look up to! He gave great advice. I am so glad that I was able to listen to him speak. Shoutout to Chloe and Taylor! Want to know the best part of the whole experience? I got to “meet” him!!! WHOOO! He picked up the laptop that was FaceTiming me and actually talked to me! It was really freaking cool!

I have to say, I do not know many people that go to a university or college of over 22,000 and they have a personal relationship with their president! I am so lucky!! Central Michigan is a great school and the fact that they are dedicated to forming personal relationships between faculty and students makes it the very best! 

FIRE UP CHIPS! Thanks President Ross for visiting to our class!



(The laptop is “me” and this was taken when he talked to me)

Fred Factor Project

Freds make the world go ’round! What is a “Fred” you ask?

A Fred is a person that lives out the sentences below:

1. Everyone can make a difference.

2. Everything is built on relationships.

3. You must continually create value for others, and it doesn’t have to cost a penny.

4. You can reinvent yourself regularly.

In LDR100, we were separated into groups, given a Fred Factor book, and asked to read the book and think of a creative project to reflect on what we learned through our readings. I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment. I was able to build stronger friendships with the people in my group as we worked together and I was able to learn a really awesome new concept of being a “Fred”. I liked that the assignment was very open for creativity and that we could really do whatever we wanted for it. I think that this assignment really opened our eyes on how much good you can do in the world, that is free of cost. There are endless opportunities to be a Fred in the world, and I would like to encourage you to simply go out of your way to make others days! It’s not hard! Also would highly recommend reading this book! It’s great! :))


Debate with Leadership:

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.”
-Brian Tracy

When I saw COM267 “Debate” on my first semester schedule, I was not very happy about it. I was excited for my first year of college to begin, but I was not too thrilled about taking a debate class. I was not fond of the idea about arguing in front of a class. I felt very underprepared, as I had never even done an in class debate, while many kids had taken a debate class in high school. I even went to the extent of trying get out of it, and I looked for an easier communication class that I could fill my requirement with. I later learned that COM267 was apart of the Leadership Advancement Scholarship protocol, and I had no choice but to suck it up. I am now glad that I went through with it, because in order to grow as a person, you must be willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when trying something new. I am thankful that LAS pushed me to take something I was not necessarily found of. I believe that I gained some very useful life skills throughout this course, as I developed my debate, public speaking and persuasive writing.

In this class I learned some of the history of rhetoric, also known as the art of persuasion, which emerged from fifth century Greece. I was also educated on the various types of debates and their history, such as the Lincoln Douglas and Presidential Debates. I learned about the people that contributed to debate throughout history such as Chris Hedges, Walter Lippmann and Guy Debord. I also learned important elements of an argument (claim and reasons) along with how to identify the propositions of fact, value and policy.

I think that being able to argue your beliefs and opinions and stand up for what you believe in is incredibly important in life. Being well equipped with skills of debate and public speaking can be beneficial when entering the workforce and looking for a job. Having the knowledge of how to persuade others can make you much more marketable as well. As a leader, I think that debate class helped me to think out of the box and become more educated on issues in the world around me. I also learned how to better express my opinions. I think that all students in the United States should be required to take a debate class. I think that is a essential, important skill to have in order to be able to contribute to society. I really did develop my knowledge on the foundational principles of argumentation and debate, in a formalized and fun, yet competitive environment, when I learned how to engage and think critically in this class.

As mentioned previously, I was pretty terrified of the idea of a debate before this semester. I was surprised at that once you started doing them, it got easier and more comfortable. The first debate we did I was shaking and sweating up in front of the class, I was so nervous. When Audi and I were working on our first Parliamentary Debate, she had to give me along pep talk that I could do it and to not psych myself out. I didn’t think I would ever get to the point of being comfortable doing it. I now know how to properly argue a point and how to support it with evidence in the right way.

Overall, I think that I learned a lot of helpful life skills in this debate class. I improved my writing skills as I did reflections, I improved my public speaking skills with the formal debates, and I learned how to critically think and develop my opinion about things, through class discussions. I enjoyed learning the history of the people that developed debate, and through understanding that, I was able to easier understand the reasons for certain ways and techniques of arguing. Although I was extremely scared and nervous coming into this class, I am very glad I took it.

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“Developing excellent communication skills is absolutely essential to effective leadership. The leader must be able to share knowledge and ideas to transmit a sense of urgency and enthusiasm to others. If a leader can’t get a message across clearly and motivate others to act on it, then having a message doesn’t even matter.”
— Gilbert Amelio

Leadership Safari

Great things Never Came From Comfort Zones ~

First Blog post ever! SO SO excited to start this!

Leadership Safari 2014.


To start off my time at CMU, I attended Leadership Safari. This program is an incredible way to welcome in new freshmen students to the university. It helped me to adjust to the college environment, network and form meaningful relationships, develop my leadership skills and just all together get used to Central Michigan University.

-1,967 kids participated in Leadership Safari. I probably knew about 10 kids total going into that first week of Safari. We were placed in random small groups for Safari and told we would become a close knit family, within that short week. I didn’t believe this at first, but as the days went on, my “Crow Team” group sure did become family. To this day, we have a group chat in which we share our hard times, encouragements, accomplishments and what is new in our lives.

-I am thankful for Safari, for bringing me to one of my best friends. Who knew I would meet one of my best friends on the “Crow Team”? I was also introduced to many of her friends and floor mates, which helped me meet even more new people around campus.

-My safari guide/mentor, Kevin, gave me an incredible amount of great advice about college. He told me to find yourself and with that you will figure out what you want to do career wise. He said academics should always come first, because ‘partying and living it up’ isn’t all that it’s made out to be. He really gave me a great view on college life and prepared me for the first semester of school.

-Throughout the week, we got to listen to a wide variety of motivational speakers, such as David Coleman and Michael Miller. We also attended mini lectures from other guest speakers and did community service activities with our small groups, such as thank you cards for fire fighters and other law inforcement .

All together, Leadership Safari was a life changing experience. For anyone attending Central Michigan University, I highly recommend going to safari.