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Year In Review Reflection

As an assignment for LDR200, we were asked to revisit your resolution post from 
January, specifically the four questions.

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1. Have you made progress towards these resolutions? Why or why not?
2. How have you grown as a leader since you arrived on campus in August 2014?
3. What have you learned about yourself as a leader?
4. What have you learned about working with others?
Now, I will answer these questions and tell you about my 2015 Spring semester at CMU. Let me tell you, it was one for the books! As I am writing this, it is my last week as a freshmen, my last week in Barnes hall, and my last week living with the best roommates ever. I am really sad, so I apologize if I am extra sappy in this blog post! lol.

1. Have you made progress towards these resolutions? Why or why not?

Although I wouldn’t say I was 100% successful in accomplishing my goals, I would say that I did a pretty job with making progress towards the resolutions. In my post back in January, I said that I wanted to get good grades second semester, stick to a more set schedule, get back to my normal weight, and meet more people. I think that I have done a really job with all of those, except for the weight one. This semester, as I got busier and busier, fitness was put on the back burner. Eating dorm food again, every day, did not help. I am very disappointed I let myself become like this, because I used to be very very active. This summer, I will have lot more time to just work my job, and work out. I am running a half marathon in october, so I will be training for that and having to stick to a workout and diet plan. Besides that resolution, I think that I did a really good job of studying and doing my homework. First semester was my adjustment period, where I learned what places I studied well in, and what places I would loose focus, and how to balance my time to do all my homework. I also had a lot of classes with people I knew, and was able to get help from them. I learned what kind of studying techniques also worked best for me, and I will be finishing the semester off with a lot better g.p.a. than first semester. So whoooo! for that!! I also think I did a really good job of writing in my calendar, which helped me balance my time and stick to a set schedule. With meeting people, I continued to form new connections with people through different activities and clubs. I met some really good friends when I was volunteering on Spring Break, with the alternative breaks program.

2. How have you grown as a leader since you arrived on campus in August 2014?

I think that I have learned a lot about how to facilitate and teach others. I was never trained in leadership like that back in high school. I would also say that I learned how to deal with difficult people, and not that I haven’t dealt with that before, but I have had some interesting situations this year with people in my program, and learned how to adjust to that. Sometimes people in life are just very selfish, judgmental, people, and they aren’t phased by treating people badly. They don’t feel guilty when they make fun of others, and they hate certain people for no specific reason. I learned how to deal with people like that this year.

3. What have you learned about yourself as a leader?

I learned from the Alpha Leadership Experience that I am a Considerate Leader. I want everyone to be happy and I often times think about everyone in a group setting. I am not the strongest at dictating people or having to be harsh with them. Considerate leaders tend to be very big on compassion and serving others. I also learned that I am good at adjusting to new things, but sometimes it just takes me a little while to figure it out. For example, I blindly excepted the nomination of fundraising chair for my sorority, and this semester has been a nightmare when it comes to that! I had no idea how to run a fundraiser at all, and was just given the simple directions of “Run the candle fundraiser, okay?” and I went into it not knowing how any of the operations worked. Well, I can tell you, I learned a lot having to deal with 97 girls and some of their families. It was a lot of stress having to cater to so many people, and with so many different opinions. Also, I am NOT a math person, and counting so many checks and cash, forms and candles really cave me a migraine. Now that it’s over though, I can say I grew as a person, learned a lot about organization, communication, and time management, learned that it’s okay to ask for help sometimes, and how to run a large fundraiser. And I made about $3,000 in profit for my chapter operations, can I get a booyaah!? Probably won’t be fundraising chair again, but nonetheless, I learned a lot about leadership.

4. What have you learned about working with others?

Like I said up above, I have learned a lot about dealing with difficult people. I also learned that compromise is very important when living with roommates and being so close to people every second of the day. Sometimes little things can irritate people, and you have to respect them enough to give them space, or just figure out a solution. Also, sometimes for things like group projects, when there are really strong, vocal personalities in the bunch, it’s best to just sit back and play peace maker, instead of trying to debate them. Things will go by a lot faster if you try and get everyone to voice their opinion, so that the one person who is very strong willed does’t control everything and get too bossy. Promote teamwork and respect!

And well, that is all folks! This year has been crazy fast! I learned an awful lot! I became a good student and very dedicated to my academics (yay!)! I had a lot of fun! I made amazing friendships that I’m incredibly sad to leave behind (my dorm family third floor tribe)! 2015 was great! Excited for summer and fall to roll around! Peace and blessings

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Greater things are yet to come (detroit)


“Greater things are yet to come,

Greater things are still to be done in this city.”

God has made himself very present in the city of Detroit. The city is not abandon. It is not hopeless. It is not worthless, or no use. I think that it is quite the 
opposite actually. I love the city of Detroit and I believe it is making a come 
back. There is a grander plan.

“You’re the light in this darkness,

You’re the hope to the hopeless,

You’re the peace to the restless,

You are.

There is no one like our God.”


(At the Detroit Institute of Art)



As my Leadership Advancement Scholar Cohort embarked on a service trip to Detroit,
along with the CMU Leadership Institute, it was incredibly evident that the city 
of Detroit is so filled with hope, faith, change. It is growing every single day.
The revival of the city is occurring rapidly. Watch out people!


SO, my LAS cohort went to Detroit! YES! Whoooo! You saw the pre-Detroit trip post 
right?! Well anyways, our class along with some professors and the leadership 
director, took a big charter bus down to the D for the weekend, and had the 
absolute best time ever! We served, we toured, we ate, we bonded, we laughed, we
slept, we did so much more! One short weekend jammed packed weekend of awesomeness! In the video above, is a #MovetoDetroit campaign. And guess what?! That company in the video is just one of the cool places we toured! For real though, their 
office space and building is sick! It's also connected to Ford Field, which we got to tour as well. Lowe Campbell Ewald is a very new, innovative, hip, young 
advertising agency. It was really fun to see how it operated! I learned that a 
lot of agencies are starting to follow the trend of #MovetoDetroit, along with
many entrepreneurs, because there is so much chance and opportunity in the city.

las in d


Here is a little tour of the city, from one of my favs, Big Sean of course!

The most eye-opening part of the LAS Detroit trip for me was how many of my fellow
peers had never been to Detroit, or were a little afraid of it. Some people's 
comments just really surprised me. I also really liked seeing the school we 
facilitated leadership development to, Jalen Rose Leadership Academy. It reminded
me of concept in this clip that I watched one day in my sociology class. 
(The Harlem Children's Zone)

One example of leadership during the trip was a small little instance, but when
Dan Gaken gave up his gloves to me, because I forgot mine on the bus. It was a
small little act of kindness, but Dan didn't even blink before he was taking his
gloves off to give them to me. Leadership is about putting others before your self. A good leader will "wash someone else's feet" (bible reference), in the theory of Servant Leadership.It is a common misconception among those who want to exercise a leadership role over others that it's about the glory, power, and positions of honor. Putting your followers first and demonstrating those small little acts of leadership is what it's all about.

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Martin Luther King Day


*Look for my friends and I in the Facebook video! (1:27)

Also check out the dream   – Article on CMU Media Page!

“If you could have coffee with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?” When asked that, my list usually consist of Jesus, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, a few celebrities and some relatives I never had the privilege to meet. Nonetheless, Martin Luther King is definitely one of my inspirations/role models and I think that celebrating MLK day every year is very important. It is good to remember and appreciate the things our country and people went through in order to gain the freedoms we have today. Martin Luther fought for equal rights, was a man of great faith, and wasn’t afraid to stand up for what he believed in/take risks. Because we have school off on this holiday, I was able to participate in a few activities on my campus, such as a MLK walk and a free showing of Selma at the movie theatre. It was a really awesome day of remembrance, and with that, I leave you with

“Look at where we have come, and celebrate those accomplishments, but also look at how much more we can improve on. There are many things today that are still corrupt and unfair, and they need to be changed.”


(My LAS friends and I participating in the candlelit service)  eeb

True Life, I am obsesssseeddddd with Martin Luther King quotes!! Here’s some of my favorites:

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Fred Factor Project

Freds make the world go ’round! What is a “Fred” you ask?

A Fred is a person that lives out the sentences below:

1. Everyone can make a difference.

2. Everything is built on relationships.

3. You must continually create value for others, and it doesn’t have to cost a penny.

4. You can reinvent yourself regularly.

In LDR100, we were separated into groups, given a Fred Factor book, and asked to read the book and think of a creative project to reflect on what we learned through our readings. I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment. I was able to build stronger friendships with the people in my group as we worked together and I was able to learn a really awesome new concept of being a “Fred”. I liked that the assignment was very open for creativity and that we could really do whatever we wanted for it. I think that this assignment really opened our eyes on how much good you can do in the world, that is free of cost. There are endless opportunities to be a Fred in the world, and I would like to encourage you to simply go out of your way to make others days! It’s not hard! Also would highly recommend reading this book! It’s great! :))