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Greek Conference 2015. Indianapolis, Indiana


 “We know we were made for,

so much more, than ordinary life,

It’s time for us, to more than just survive,

We were meant to thrive

Joy unspeakable. Faith unshakable. Love unstoppable. Anything is possible.”

greek16 greek17

This past weekend, I embarked on a journey to Indianapolis, along with about 100 
other kids from CMU. We left for the weekend with hopes to learn lots, better
 ourselves, and meet fellow greeks from universities all over the country.

It was an awesome weekend to say the least! So lemme just tell you about all the great things I experienced. After about a 5 hour road trip, we arrived at the hotel in Indy early afternoon  Friday. I checked into my hotel room, which I shared with one girl from my greek chapter, and two other girls from other chapters. After we got settled in, we played games and just got to socialize with a ton of random people. It was so much fun to meet everyone! At the end of the weekend, I had made new friends from Purdue, Hillsdale, UCLA, Univ. of Kentucky, Ohio State, Sonoma State and Grand Valley. Gotta love networking! So anyways, the rest of the Friday night was spent in general session, in the big auditorium. There was worship, a game, and then we listened to two speakers. greek12  The speakers were amazing! Besides networking, I would have to say that the speakers were my favorite part of conference. Our first speaker was Mindy Moore. She spoke about her life as a young greek student at University of Illinois. She was constantly searching for fulfillment – through going out, relationships, friendships, sorority life, etc. but wasn’t able to feel completely satisfied. When she became a Christian, she found that huge piece that was missing, and also discovered her life purpose.

Some Take Aways From Mindy:
*How is God inviting you to respond to your view of success and your future?
*Is the world's view of success the same as God's view of Success?
*If God were to ask you to give away your most valued possession, would you be able to? If not, what are the barriers that would hold you back?

Mindy’s lessons really made me think about and reevaluate my definition of success compared to the world’s view of success. I would say that I would rather live a fulfilling and happy life doing something to make an impact, than work a high paying job. This kind of reassured me about my future plans and career choice in college, and just made it all together more evident that I should stop comparing myself to the world’s view.

1st Samel 16:7
1.) Competition and comparison steals our joy.
2.) We are holding ourselves to an
    unrealistic standard.

3.) Human desire is to get affirmation and pr   aise through others… DO you believe
   that God can fill you up? 

4.) Although I am imperfect, I am accepted

5.) Who are you trying to impress? 

6.) God forgives generously.

On Saturday, we got up early and went to general session again. From there, we were separated into our concentrations, that we selected when we signed up for it. I picked to do the Thrive concentration. (Which tackled how to deal with the constant challenges and temptations in life, and while striving for spiritual growth, transformation, and not just conforming our lives around rules.) I cannot begin to describe how much I learned just in that concentration. I definitely came home with notes on notes on notes.


to grow or develop successfully. To flourish or succeed.

In order to thrive, you must be “all in”, in order to be fully satisfied.Even if you do not sharegreek20 the same faith as I do, I think that this concept can be applied to anything in life. In order to thrive in whatever you do, you must be “all in”. No half ass. In school, if you want to receive an “A” in your class, you must be fully invested and completely committed.  If you are playing sports, or president of a club, you have to be “all in” in order to succeed. In order to have a marriage that works, you have to be fully committed. Always striving for success, and trying to grow. As I dug into how to thrive, in my own life and more importantly my walk with God, I found places of my life that I was wishy washy. Yes, I have completely surrendered to him, but no, I had not let him control absolutely all parts of my life. Sometimes I like to think I can do it on my own, or I can make my own choices. But this weekend, my way of thinking shifted. I want to be “all in” and fully committed in my faith, and the way I live. When you thrive in that way, you will be fully and entirely satisfied as the Lord works through you.


Pictured Above: My awesome concentration small group!)

 After that, we had our longest session of worship and prayer, which was really emotional for many. People stood up and proclaimed their faith and rededicated their lives to God. You could just feel the Holy Spirit presence in the room, it was amazing. It was very powerful.

greek2    greek11

And on to the last day of Greek Conference! I sure didn’t want to leave or go back to school. Our consisted of one final general session. Then we met with our campus groups and debriefed the weekend. We were asked what did you learn, will you bring home, etc. I think that every person there had something different they brought home, it was very cool. Image 3 So, basically I had a really great weekend! I learned so much and I met so many great people! Thank you Greek Conference 2015 Indy! Guess what?

*Next year, there will be a Greek Conference in Los Angeles, California! Whoooooooo! Buying my plane ticket now. Who’s with me? I would love to sign up for the Influence Concentration, and I really hope I will be able to attend next year as well.



Pschology…Where dreams come true…

Just kidding, but…

In my leadership psychology class, I learned many, many things. I learned that one of my LAS friends can swallow an entire water bottle in one gulp. I learned that another one could sing the part in Hakuna Matata, (“When I was a young warthog!!”) perfectly, the pitch was exactly on point to the movie Lion King. I learned that another one of my peers could interpretive dance, very well, and also that my psychology professor liked to interpretive dance as well! Especially to disney songs! I learned that my LAS cohort is crazy silly, and that if someone looses a bet to the game ‘chances are?’, they would actually carry out their punishment, like the time someone lost and carried an umbrella with them everywhere they went for the entire psychology class. I think that his fun attitude actually helped me learn. I mean yes, it could get out of hand sometimes and be somewhat distracting, but also in the other sense, I was usually pretty happy to go to psychology class. I mean Dr. Pruett is a saint, but actually, he is a really great, quirky, silly man. And besides that, psychology is a pretty interest topic. Learning how to apply leadership through understanding human behavior is very neat! And my class was fun, so it was just an all together win, win! The tests were a little challenging, and I had to write my first ever 15 page final exam paper, but beside that, it was overall a great experience! SO Hukuna Matata, No worries! In the jungle, the might jungle, the lion sleeps tonight! Under the sea, under the sea! When you wish upon a staarrr! Wandering free, wish I could be, part of that woorrrlllddd! Be our guest, be our guest! Let’s get dowwnn to business!

Okay, okay! Enough disney songs! But goodbye folks! Psych was fun! Peace.

Resolution Reflection


I can just feel it, 2015 is about to be a great year!

In my LDR200 class, we were given the assignment to write a resolution reflection post for the new year. We were given the questions below and asked to really think about about resolutions and how we can make them a reality. First off, I personally, I hate the word “resolution”.  I was at church last week and my pastor made an extremely good point, when he talked about how many of us set resolutions to better ourselves, but rarely do we take the needed time to think long term about it. He went on to say something along the lines of “You can’t reach your desired goal/resolution if you don’t prepare yourself properly. Praying about your transformation and new ways and also praying about what to do once you reach that desired point is what will get you there.” I couldn’t agree more with my pastor, and am going to be actively doing this with my resolution plans. Below I will answer the questions for you, but wish me luck on achieving them! Also good luck to you if you have certain new years resolutions you want to accomplish!

As a leader: what do you really want in 2015? What do you really need in 2015? What will you share in 2015? What will you succeed at in 2015? 

– What do you want in 2015?

These are about to seem like the most basic goals, but I honestly mean them. I want good grades, to meet more people, get on a set schedule, and get back into the shape I was in when I started college.

1. I want really good grades this semester. I have finally adjusted to how college grading, exams, classes, etc. work, and I think that I will be able to achieve my goal of a 3.8. Last semester, I learned what kinds of studying works best for me, and this semester I have set up study times with my friend, to keep us on track and moving towards our goal. With studying this semester, I will be more proactive, organized and prepared.

2. This semester I want to stick to my set schedule. This basically ties into all of my goals, but having a schedule will help me to actually achieve the goals. This semester I have set up my planner more detailed, and I will be sticking to the workout, SI tutoring sessions, study times, club meeting times, etc. so that I make best use of my time. I have a busy schedule and also want to stay involved with extracurriculars, therefore I must balance my time wisely.

3. This semester I want to get back in shape. Yes, this is such a common NYE resolution. But, to my defense, I have always been fairly successful to achieving my fitness goals. Before I entered college, I had always been extremely involved in sports, working out, and other fitness. When I came to CMU, I found it insanely tough to balance school work, rushing a sorority, join other clubs, and stick to a gym routine. I know that I can stick to my schedule this semester because of the goal  #2 above. I feel out of shape, and I want to get back to my normal crazy workout self. Running and being active is a great stress releaver, and I need it. I do not want to grow old and have bad health, and I am also very confident I will achieve this goal.

4. I want to meet even more people this semester. I mean this goal is pretty easy to do in college, right?! I met so many great people this semester and I want to keep pushing myself to go out of my way to meet more people. I also want to form better relationships with those I have met. I can do more of this networking through my getting involved with Greek Iv and continue to get more involved with my sorority.

– What do you really need in 2015?

I need to figure out my 4 year plan in 2015. Actually, next week. I need to meet with my academic advisor and get more on track to when I will graduate college. I have set up an appointment, and am going to figure out my major and minor plans and get my future on track. This is a hard thing for me, because it freaks me out to have to decided what I want to do for the REST OF MY LIFE, but it needs to be done.

– What will you share in 2015?

I will share my service in 2015. I want to give back to the people that need it. I think that service is extremely important! Back in high school, I was very involved with organizations and causes that gave back, but I need to establish myself and volunteer more with things up here in Mt. Pleasant! I was recently elected community service chair and fundraising chair for my sorority, and I am getting pumped about the volunteer events I will be organizing! I am also so excited to volunteer with Special Olympics Winter Games next week, volunteer with Alternative Breaks, and to go to Detroit with my LAS cohort for a service trip later on this semester. I can feel it, 2015 is about to be an even greater year of service! Also really excited for volunteering this summer! Whoooo!

SO, about my NYE “Resolutions”, all things are possible with God. I vow to stick to my schedule, put in the work, and pray about it throughout this awesome new year!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR YAY 2015 *******