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Greater things are yet to come (detroit)


“Greater things are yet to come,

Greater things are still to be done in this city.”

God has made himself very present in the city of Detroit. The city is not abandon. It is not hopeless. It is not worthless, or no use. I think that it is quite the 
opposite actually. I love the city of Detroit and I believe it is making a come 
back. There is a grander plan.

“You’re the light in this darkness,

You’re the hope to the hopeless,

You’re the peace to the restless,

You are.

There is no one like our God.”


(At the Detroit Institute of Art)



As my Leadership Advancement Scholar Cohort embarked on a service trip to Detroit,
along with the CMU Leadership Institute, it was incredibly evident that the city 
of Detroit is so filled with hope, faith, change. It is growing every single day.
The revival of the city is occurring rapidly. Watch out people!


SO, my LAS cohort went to Detroit! YES! Whoooo! You saw the pre-Detroit trip post 
right?! Well anyways, our class along with some professors and the leadership 
director, took a big charter bus down to the D for the weekend, and had the 
absolute best time ever! We served, we toured, we ate, we bonded, we laughed, we
slept, we did so much more! One short weekend jammed packed weekend of awesomeness! In the video above, is a #MovetoDetroit campaign. And guess what?! That company in the video is just one of the cool places we toured! For real though, their 
office space and building is sick! It's also connected to Ford Field, which we got to tour as well. Lowe Campbell Ewald is a very new, innovative, hip, young 
advertising agency. It was really fun to see how it operated! I learned that a 
lot of agencies are starting to follow the trend of #MovetoDetroit, along with
many entrepreneurs, because there is so much chance and opportunity in the city.

las in d


Here is a little tour of the city, from one of my favs, Big Sean of course!

The most eye-opening part of the LAS Detroit trip for me was how many of my fellow
peers had never been to Detroit, or were a little afraid of it. Some people's 
comments just really surprised me. I also really liked seeing the school we 
facilitated leadership development to, Jalen Rose Leadership Academy. It reminded
me of concept in this clip that I watched one day in my sociology class. 
(The Harlem Children's Zone)

One example of leadership during the trip was a small little instance, but when
Dan Gaken gave up his gloves to me, because I forgot mine on the bus. It was a
small little act of kindness, but Dan didn't even blink before he was taking his
gloves off to give them to me. Leadership is about putting others before your self. A good leader will "wash someone else's feet" (bible reference), in the theory of Servant Leadership.It is a common misconception among those who want to exercise a leadership role over others that it's about the glory, power, and positions of honor. Putting your followers first and demonstrating those small little acts of leadership is what it's all about.

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Simon Sinek Ted Talk

How Great Leaders Inspire Action –

Simon Sinek is a man that believes in empowerment. Born in England, he has lived 
in Hong Kong, South Africa and the United States. He is active in the not-for-profit world, and works for an organization called Count Me In. He currently resides 
in New York and teaches at Columbia University.
For an LDR200 assignment, we were asked to watch Simon's famous Ted Talk, 
'How Great Leaders Inspire Action'. I found it very fascinating, and I thought
that Simon brought up very valid points. In this blog post, I will tell you all 
about Simon's method of inspiration and how we can use it in our own lives. 
Here ya go,a

There are leaders and there are those who lead.

Those who lead, inspire us.

We follow them because we want to, not because we have to.

Have you ever questioned what sets those people apart? They all think, act and communicate the same exact way. There is a pattern. Now if you can identify that pattern and apply it to your life, wouldn’t that be nice? Well Simon Sinek can help us with that. In his 20 minute Ted Talk, he explains the secret to this. He calls this way the Golden Circle (Why? How? What?). ldr According to Simon Sinek, this ‘Golden Circle’ determines why certain organizations succeed or not. He urges us to think of the WHY. What’s the purpose, belief, cause? Why should anyone care? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Regardless of their size or industry, businesses that are more successful function with this way of thinking. He tells that “Employers hire people that believe in what they do, because they won’t be working for money, they will be working for the cause, even if that requires blood, sweat and tears.” He goes on use the Wright Brothers as an example. The Wright Brothers has passion which lead to success. They sold people on the “Why”. Not a single person on their team had a college degree and they competed with Harvard graduate, who was in it solely for the money and paycheck. I bet you haven’t heard of Samel Lingually? The best minds money can find won’t do justice to what someone who truly values a cause will do. The day the Wright brothers took flight, Langually quit all together.

“People don’t’ buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it”

This is due to..


The Law of Diffusion of Innovation tells us that if you want market success, or acceptance of an idea, you cannot have it unless you achieve the tipping point of 15-18% market penetration (The people who stand in land for six hours to buy the first iPhone, when the can just get it the next day). The early majority will not try something unless someone has tried it first.

I really enjoyed listening to Simen's Ted Talk. I have noticed myself looking at 
commercials and company's slogans differently after watching, and noticing how 
some advertise their "Why" and some just advertise the product. I think this is
a good reason a lot of Not-for-Profit's are successful, because they sell the 
"Why" and have a good cause to support.